How to overcome mindless snacking

5 Simple Tips to Overcome Mindless Snacking

Having a controlled snack can actually keep your weight in check. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best ways to control mindless snacking!

When it comes to snacking, there are two kinds of people. The ones that are concerned about snacking because they think eating outside of breakfast, lunch, and dinner will make them gain weight, and the ones that snack all day long without even realizing how many calories they are taking in throughout the day!

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut…”

1. Always be prepared. This might be my number one rule when it comes to snacking. If you get hungry on the go and you have not packed a snack in your bag, then the fast food signs you see on your drive start to look pretty appetizing. Most of the time, being prepared and having a 200 calorie snack can prevent you from eating a 600 plus calorie snack.

2. Have scheduled times to eat. This is so important when it comes to controlling your appetite. When you learn how much food you need to stay satiated between meals, it becomes a game changer. Listen to your body. When do you need a snack? For me, it is around 4:00pm when I start thinking about food. If I do not eat a healthy snack when I start feeling those hunger cues, I go home and eat everything in sight or I overeat at dinner.

3. Eliminate screens while eating a snack. It can be really easy to overeat when you are distracted watching TV or scrolling on your phone. Anytime that you are eating, I want you to be mindful of your food choices and how much food you are putting in your body.

4. Portion out your snack, do not eat standing up or straight out of a bag. You want to be mindful when you are eating. If you want some pita chips and hummus, scoop out some hummus with a few chips and portion them on your plate! That way you are seeing and thinking about what you are eating instead of trying to guess at what you have eaten straight from the package.

5. Stop and think are you bored or hungry? Sometimes people eat out of boredom, other times it is related to emotions of sadness, anger, and even happiness. Before eating out of a normal scheduled meal time for you, really think why you are going to the kitchen. Did something happen that changed your emotions? If the answer is yes, try journaling, doing a quick exercise or calling a family member or friend.

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