Immune Boosting Tips

Immune Boosting Tips

Let’s face it, the world we once knew and became accustomed to has changed on us. Kitchen tables have turned into classrooms and office desks, we’re not going outside as much, and stress is at an all time high (at least I know mine is)! With longer work hours, less time for ourselves, and dealing with the everyday stressors, I believe this is a great time to discuss some key immune boosting tips. I mean, who would be opposed to a boost in energy and some extra immune support? I sure wouldn’t, sign me up!
Vitamin D: If you’re not going outside as much, make sure to consume foods that contain vitamin D, like salmon, cheese and whole eggs! Vitamin D promotes bone health and strength, enhances immunity, and may even help improve your mood!
Vitamin C: Let’s boost that immune system! Get your daily dose of vitamin C by eating oranges, adding sliced citrus to your water, adding strawberries to your morning breakfast or taking a daily multivitamin or Emergen-c packet!
Stress: High cortisol levels can inhibit our body’s ability to fight off antigens, therefore leaving us more prone to getting sick. Make sure you are taking time to destress, either through exercise, mediation or getting more sleep! I also love incorporating adaptogenic herbs! They help combat the effects of stress on the body by promoting enhanced immunity, increasing energy levels, and promoting quality sleep.
Zinc: This mineral is imperative for our bodies immune systems to function at our best! The best sources of zinc are found in meat, shellfish, legumes, nuts, seeds and dairy!
Sleep: Getting enough sleep can strengthen your immune system. Research suggests that good sleep helps the T cells in your body destroy cells infected by viruses! Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night!

Vitamin E: Many people do not think of vitamin E when it comes to having a healthy immune system! Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can really help your immune system function at its best! Try consuming a handful of almonds a day!

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