Is your breakfast killing your progress?

The right breakfast can make or break your whole day. Today we talk about different tricks for getting the most out of your morning routine

Are you in a breakfast rut? Same old, same old, day in and day out? Ask yourself, is your breakfast doing all it can for you nutritionally? Here are 9 ways to wake up your breakfast routine and make it the healthiest meal of the day:

Tip #1: Make it Bigger

Choosing a 90-calorie breakfast bar or 100-calorie yogurt cup may seem like a calorie-conscious choice but an ultra-low calorie breakfast will backfire if you’re already hungry again by the time you get to work.  A more substantial breakfast of 300-500 well-chosen calories will get you a lot further and cut down on unplanned mid-morning snacking.

Tip #2: Increase the Protein-to-Carb Ratio

Cereal, fruit, whole grain toast can be part of your breakfast, if you want, but they shouldn’t be all of it. Adding some protein will help keep you full, boost your metabolism (a little), and help you hold onto that lean muscle tissue. Spread your toast with peanut butter in addition to jelly.  Top half a bagel with salmon. Add a scoop of protein powder or tofu to your smoothie.  Cook an egg into your oatmeal or Switch from regular to Greek yogurt.

Tip #3: Lose the Sugar

American breakfast staples like sweetened cereals, fruit-flavored yogurts, and milkshake-like coffee drinks contain so much added sugar that you can exceed the recommended daily maximum for added sugars before your eyes are even fully open.

Starting your day with a big dose of sugar is a great way to sabotage your appetite and energy for the rest of the day. If you eat cereal, look for ones with a minimum of added sugar. Select plain yogurt. Add sliced fruit for a nutrient-dense touch of sweetness.

Tip #4: Include Vegetables

One of the reasons that many people struggle to get 5 servings of vegetables a day is that they don’t start until dinner time! Why not start with breakfast?

Enjoy a veggie omelet or frittata, pile some salsa onto your scrambled eggs, or a few slices of tomato on your bagel. Have vegetable juice instead of orange juice or add some spinach to your smoothie.

Tip #5: Add Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like those in avocado can help boost the absorption of nutrients from vegetables. (Plus, they’re delicious). Throw some avocado into your green smoothie or add a couple of slices to your salmon and tomato bagel. Sprinkle some walnuts or toasted flaxseeds on your oatmeal.

Tip #6: Chew Your Food

Mom was right about this one:  Chewing food more thoroughly increases your absorption of nutrients and aids in digestion. 

Tip #7: Put a Buzz on

A caffeine buzz, that is. A caffeinated beverage will increase alertness and help you swing into your workday with more focus and concentration.  People who regularly enjoy coffee or tea also enjoy lower risks of many diseases. What’s more, coffee and tea help keep you hydrated. You can even count them toward your 8 glasses a day!

Tip #8: Make it the Night Before

One of the biggest reasons people skip or skimp on breakfast is that they simply run out of time in the morning.  Making breakfast the night before solves the problem. Stir uncooked rolled oats into Greek yogurt along with some fresh or frozen fruit and place in the fridge to soften overnight. Use your slow cooker to make steel-cut oats while you sleep. Expand your notion of what “breakfast food” is. You’d be surprised how good, reheated leftovers work as a morning meal.

Tip #9: Take it With You

If you don’t have time to eat before you leave, take some or all of your breakfast with you to eat later. Contrary to popular myth, delaying your breakfast won’t slow down your metabolism for the day. In fact, delaying breakfast effectively shortens your eating window, which may help with weight control. The key is making sure that your delayed breakfast is still a healthy one. No fair skipping breakfast and then throwing yourself on the muffin tray at the 10am staff meeting. 

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