The 4 Week Food Freedom Course



Get ready for the healthiest and easiest 4 weeks of your life!

The 4 week course was inspired by the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating, an evidence based practice of self-care eating that allows you to regain trust with your body! It is here for you to get started right here, right now. You don’t need to apply, you don’t need to wait, it is ready for you right now. I invite you to remove the judgement and look through a lens of curiosity. If you are ready to break up with dieting and find food freedom, get started today!

What you will learn!

  • Week 1: How to reject diet mentality and find your way
  • Week 2: Honor your hunger and respect your fullness
  • Week 3: Make peace with food and challenge the food police
  • Week 4: Discovering satisfaction and coping with emotions with kindness

What you will receive!

BONUS: The Fat Foodie E-Book & a 7 Day Meal Plan with Grocery List!

Meal Plan Selection

Competitive, Flexible Dieting, Gluten Free, Ketogenic, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian